Please note that as a buyer (customer) you use the website at to acknowledge and acknowledge the following: (Law V of 2013) 6: 77-6: 81. Please, if you are a customer or an active user of the opportunities offered by our Web Store, please read our Terms and Conditions and only use our services if you agree with all your points and consider them binding.


This document is only for electronic form. The contract governed by the following conditions is governed by the Civil Code. , is considered to be a distance contract.


  1. Operational data:

Company name: Nivo Tech Hungary Kft

Headquarters: 1149 Budapest, Kövér Lajos utca 21-25.

Legal address: 1112 Budapest, Igmándi utca 26.

Tax number: 24360803-2-43

EU TAX number:HU24360803

Company Registration Number: Cg. 01-09-173491

Contract language: Hungarian

Electronic Availability:

Phone contact: +36 1 951 2768

Registration Identifier: Register NAIH ID

Account number (HU): 12010659-01393350-00100009

IBAN number: HU 32 12010659-01393350-00100009


Raiffeisen Bank

Account number (EU): 12010659-01393350-00200006

Euro IBAN: HU11 12010659-01393350-00200006


Raiffeisen Bank

Account number (USD): 12010659-01393350-00300003

Usd Iban: HU 87 12010659-01393350-00300003 


Raiffeisen Bank


Your hosting provider’s contact information is:


The service provider is hereinafter referred to as the operator in these general contract terms.

2. Purchasable Products and Services


Warning: The images displayed on the product sheet may differ from the actual one, in some cases only illustrated.

3. Ordering Information


Displayed products can only be ordered through the Web Store, ordered online, by courier delivery or in person by acceptance by the customer or its authorized agent.

The prices displayed for the products include the statutory 27% VAT but do not include the home delivery fee.

If the operator displays a defective price besides the due diligence and the price of the product differs from the generally accepted price of the product, the operator is not obliged to deliver the product at a defective price but must offer the buyer a true at an affordable price. If the customer does not intend to use this option, he / she shall have the right to unilaterally withdraw from the contract.

No extra packaging fee will be charged. The detailed shipping fee is part of these Terms and Conditions under the Terms of Delivery.

In our webshop you can browse product categories by product categories. In addition to the products listed, you can view a brief description, price, and other features of a product without the need for completeness. For more information about the product, click on the image or name of the product. You will then get to the product page where you can get more information about the product. If you need more detailed information, contact your operator via the telephone number listed on your operator’s data.


The order of the order

  1. Click on the basket symbol to place your product in the Basket.

You can place the products in the Basket without sign-in, however, you must be logged in before placing your order. You can only do this by signing up. You can find the registration under the following menu item. If you are a registered customer, but have forgotten your password, use the password Login reminder. If you enter your registered e-mail address here, your password will be sent to you by e-mail. You can log in using the Login menu. Enter your registered e-mail address and password here and press enter. Once you have successfully accessed, this window will display your registered email address and the exit button that you can use to leave the store.

  1. You can check and edit the contents of the basket using the Basket item. You have the option to view and modify how much you want to order from the basket item and to choose the most appropriate payment and delivery method or to delete that item. You can also empty the basket completely. If you would like to add more items to the basket, select the “continue shopping” button. If everything is OK and you have chosen to order, you can finalize your order by pressing the Cashier button.
  2. Once you have finalized your order, we will send you an automatic confirmation of your order information to your e-mail address. If you do not receive such a letter, your system has not accepted your order. In such cases, please contact us as indicated, using the operator information. Once we have completed processing your order, we will send you an unsubscribe confirmation to your e-mail address. The product will be delivered only after this date.

4. Registration

If you want to buy, you will need to provide the purchase information, including your name, billing and shipping details, e-mail address, and your password for later entry when you first purchase. Before the registration is finalized, it is necessary to accept the registration conditions. The registration will be confirmed by e-mail. The buyer is obliged to handle the password that he has provided. If after the correct identification of the buyer’s unique identifier and password the buyer’s data have been transferred to an unauthorized third party, the Data Handler is not responsible for any damages or disadvantages resulting therefrom. Users enter their e-mail address to help the operator / service provider send a technical message to them. The registered data will be deleted from the system by the operator. The deletion request will only be valid for security reasons if the user’s confirmation of the cancellation request is confirmed by the user so that someone may deliberately or mistakenly delete the registration database. Registration is identified by the e-mail address, so an e-mail address can only be registered once.


Registration does not involve any obligations.



  1. Processing orders

Orders are processed on working days from10:00 until 16:00. The order is also available outside of the time specified for processing the order, but if it is after the expiration of the working time, the order will be processed only on the next working day. The deadline for the delivery of the accepted order is 5 -10 working days after the receipt of the goods in the warehouse. In the event that the product is not in stock, depending on the place of purchase 4-8 weeks.


Our company is not responsible for the possible technical specifications of the ordered product due to the supplier’s unannounced change or for reasons beyond its control.

6. Method of payment of the price of the ordered product and the cost of home delivery

Payment by bank: If we have confirmed your order, you will find the bank account number and the order number in the confirmation email, which must be referenced in the remit / reminder section of the transfer. If the amount transferred is credited to our bank account, we will only post the item to the courier service (see our bank account number in the operator’s details)

Personal Invoice: In this case, you will pay the purchase price of the product at the operator’s headquarters / premises in cash, either in cash or by credit card.

Payment by bank card is possible for the following valid and effective cardholders: Mastercard, Visa, American Express


The total amount payable includes all costs based on your order summary and confirmation letter. The invoice and the guarantee card are included in the package. Please be sure to check the package at delivery before the delivery person, and if you have any problems or deficiencies on the products, ask for a record and do not pick up the package. We will not be able to accept a subsequent, non-signed complaint.

7. Charges for home delivery

See the shipping and Payment section


  1. Delivery deadline

For goods in stock, 5- 10 working days from the confirmation of the order. In case the product is not in stock 4-8 weeks


  1. Delivery information to the house

The orders received by our webshop will only be served by the couriers of the PannonXp and its parner courier service. Packages are delivered on business days between 8:00 and 18:0. As a delivery address, it is advisable to provide a title where the courier can be continuously received at the time of the day and can ensure the delivery of the delivery and the shipping fee and the payment of the fee for the courier.


Order the products only if you can pay for the courier at the time the package is received. In the case of unpacked and returned packages, the charge for delivery and return is charged to the customer and can be rescheduled only when the package is reimbursed in advance.


For any additional questions that may arise regarding the operation, ordering and delivery process of our store, we are at your disposal in the contact details of your operator.


  1. Right of withdrawal

Article 45/2014 on Distance Contracts the provisions of this clause may only be applied to a consumer who is a consumer. The consumer can withdraw from the contract within 14 working days of receipt of the ordered product and return the ordered, unopened packaged product. If the consumer has a right of withdrawal, he / she must inform the operator in a clear written statement (by postal delivery by registered post or by e-mail). Upon receipt of the withdrawal statement, the operator shall immediately inform the customer of the withdrawal. Upon withdrawal of the consumer, the ordered product must return it to the operator within 14 days from the date of its withdrawal declaration. The cost of return is borne by the consum

If the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal, within 14 days of receipt of the relevant declaration, the operator shall pay the consumer any payments he has made, including the delivery fee. Except where the consumer chooses a mode of transport which incurs additional costs and which is different from the usual carriage. The service provider must not be required to pay back until the product returned has been received or until the consumer’s credible justification for returning the product has been received. In the event of a difference between the two dates, the operator shall take into account the earlier date.


The operator may require the consumer to reimburse the material damage caused by improper use. Therefore, pay special attention to the intended use of the product, as the damage caused by its misuse is borne by the consumer.


After the package has been delivered to our company, a video camera is recorded to extract the package and examine the returned product. This is necessary to avoid possible misunderstandings. (for example, the returned product was damaged or incomplete)


The consumer is not entitled to the right of withdrawal:

  • for products whose price depends on fluctuations in the money market movements that are not manageable by the company.
  • in the case of non-prefabricated products which have been specifically produced at the consumer’s request in accordance with his /
  • for a product where the customer’s express request is met by the operator for urgent repair or maintenance work


  1. Warranty

As for certain products sold in accordance with the provisions of the statutory guarantee for certain durable consumer goods 151/2003. Korm., A 1 year warranty period is available to the consumer from the date of delivery of the product. The purchaser is not entitled to the warranty if the defect has occurred after the product has been delivered to the consumer. The warranty period provided by the manufacturer for the products not covered by the Order is indicated next to the product. If this is the case, the operator can provide accurate information. In the case of a warranty, the consumer is entitled to repair or replace the defective product free of charge within the warranty period. Warranty repairs cover defects resulting from manufacturing defects. The warranty terms and conditions are valid with respect to the conditions in this manual.


In the event of a product failure, please contact the address and telephone number indicated on the warranty leaflet that came with your device for more information on what to do and in any of our contact details. The cost of delivering the goods to the warranty service point is borne by the buyer. You can also return the defective device directly to the service point of our webshop. We do not accept pass-through packets sent in Portos, it will always be returned to the sender. During the repair, only new parts may be installed in the product. The operator should strive to make the correction or replacement within 30 days. The costs of carrying out the warranty are borne by the operator.


Otherwise, the warranty is governed by §§ 1.6.171-173.


In the case of a defective product supplied, the claimant’s claim against the operator can be enforced in the Civil Code. 6: 159-167.


  1. Handling complaints

The operator must record the complaint in a place marked between the operator’s data and keep the complaint together with the reply for five years from the date of recruitment. The operator shall examine the complaint received within 30 days of receipt and give a substantive response. If the complaint is answered by the operator, it must state in writing. Disputes arising from the contract with the operator may be settled first and foremost in a peaceful manner, by agreement between the parties or before the consumer protection authority competent for the consumer’s place of residence. If they do not succeed, the court will stay with the parties.


  1. Data Management

he web shopholder manages the personal information provided to him when using it, and does not disclose it to third parties except in the case of his subcontractor. (Eg courier service), it is necessary to deliver the order.


During the web shop browsing, technical information is recorded for statistical purposes. (IP address, duration of visit, etc.). These data shall only be legally credible to the operator and, if supported, communicated to the authorities. You must enable cookies to access the service. If you do not want to enable cookies, you can disable it in your browser settings. When blocking cookies, some features of the service are only partially or totally unavailable. A cookie is a file that the server sends to the user’s browser and is stored by the user’s computer. Personal data will not be stored in the cookie. The data recorded during the order will be used by the operator to complete the order. The invoice data generated by individual IT systems on the web site’s pages is recorded with the data provided during the delivery of the order and stored for the period specified in the current Accounting Act. When browsing the webshop or signing up for a newsletter subscription, the information is kept confidential by the operator, and unsubscription may be requested in one of the specified contact details. You can always delete or modify your data in writing.


During the procedure commencing with the order, the CXII. the provider’s privacy statement is available on the website.


  1. Other provisions

Issues not regulated in these General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Civil Code (Law No. V of 2013), 45/2014 on Contracts Fulfilled in Consumer Contracts. Government Decree.